More on Internet troubleshooting

Having problems with the Internet can be just annoying or it can be literally detrimental for the activity are into right now. Sometimes problems can lie beyond our reach, however, there are many cases when we actually can do something about that. Here you will find more possible issues with the Internet and reasons causing them.

Damaged Cables

Yes, this is one of the culprits which may have been giving you this down time. The whole bunch of coaxial cables, fibre, twister pair, all of them might have taken a big toll and gone down the road. This is noticed to be specifically true if your using an extender like splitters. If splitters are not configured or placed in the right way, they can cause the connection issue.

Port malfunctioning

All hardware, software or to put in a nutshell, technical devices and their associates, suffer from malfunction at one point of their life span. In such case, you pretty much hit the wall and nothing much you can do here other than few last work around. If you have any older router, test that out. If that piece is working fine and Internet is up, pretty much says what is it and time to let go a cheque. Also, you can try using another Ethernet cable, plug it in and see if the router is responding. Little things like this can help out to really keep the cheque for other regards.

ISP infrastructure

This we all face from time to time. This is something one of those time when we call the technical guys from the ISP and first thing you hear is the pre-recorded voice telling you what might the reason the Internet is down or get an e-mail like “Dear subscriber, due to < The Issue> you are temporarily facing service interruption” and so on with an apology for such inconvenience. This is generally indicates that one of their node is under maintenance or something has blown off and the team is already looking at the issue. Honestly, what exactly is the issue varies and hard to point out each of them here but you get the gist.

Outlet cutlet

Ya, the name may absolutely can give you some idea of what could go wrong. Things can go so wrong, due to the nature’s abrupt blessings on earth or technical bubble gum piling up behind one of those telephone line from the outlet, can fry itself out. Also, sometimes something can get stuck inside one of those coax cable which could block the signal. A broken outlet can also cause same nuisance as a broken cable.