The best free tools for formatting a USB flash drive

Just like any other device, flash drives are also prone to various types of errors and problems. One of the most popular ways of dealing with them is formatting which can usually be done through the standard software built into many popular operation systems. Unfortunately, in some situations such solutions are not enough and it might be needed to search for separate programmes to fix the problem. If this is your case, you will find a variety of options in this article which will help you to format your USB flash drive and get it back for work.

HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool

As the name suggests, HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool has been developed by Hewlett-Packard so it is the original programme of the brand. Actually, this free programme is not particularly advanced if you compare it to the standard formatting tools offered by Windows. Still, you will be able to deal with flash drives with a damaged file system which cannot be read by your computer. HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool will offer you such systems as NTFS, exFAT and FAT32. In addition to it, the programme can be used for creating boot discs.

Note that HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool can be used only with Windows.

HDD Low Level Format Tool

Another programme designed for formatting on Windows is HDD Low Level Format Tool. This one is more advanced than the tool offered by HP since it can be helpful for formatting on the lower level. The programme can be sued with both hard drives and flash drives and it will be helpful for deleting absolutely all of the information which has ever been stored on the device. This can be very helpful for fixing various errors in the device.

By the way, HDD Low Level Format Tool can also be used for quick formatting.

Tokiwa Fat32 Formatter

In case you are looking for an especially user-friendly tool which willĀ  not require installation, you should try Tokiwa Fat32 Formatter. This programme has also been developed for the users of Windows.

The file system Tokiwa Fat32 Formatter can work with is FAT32 and it is suitable for formatting flash disks with the memory storage above 32 GB. The programme also has a set of parametres which can be customised by a user.