A proper way of congratulating people through social media

In all likelihood, there is at least one person on your list of friends on a social service or on the list of contacts of a messenger, you are using who is prone to bombarding other people with various pre-written congratulations and related pictures. It is quite possible that you are such a person as well and it is especially necessary for you to read this article if you tend to congratulate people like that.

Make personalised texts with wishes

No matter whether you want congratulate a person on some private event or it is national holiday, it is important to resign from all of the ready-to-use digital cards. It is a way more pleasant for a person to know that someone actually has spent some time trying to create something dedicated specifically for them. The popularity of predefined congratulation texts has grown so much that you will certainly not surprise anyone with the beautiful roses on a digital card and the poetic text will not do it either.

Furthermore, if it is a national holiday, it is quite possible that a person has already received dozens of similar digital cards and he or she might not even pay any attention to getting one more from you let alone reading it.

Use direct messages for congratulating people online

There are many ways in which you can deliver your congratulations to a person on social media. You can write a post on your own profile and tag everyone there, make a public post on the profile of another person, write the message directly or create a chat to congratulate all of your friends with one message.

Again, regardless of the event, you should remember the direct messaging a particular person will be the best way to congratulate him or her.

Any options with delivering the same wishes to everyone at once is a rather annoying option. If you tag everyone on your post with wishes, they will get notifications about any comments left under such a post. Creating group chats for congratulations is a rather similar case, albeit, to some people it might be even more disturbing. That is so since they are not going to simply receive notifications about comments made by strangers. They will actually get messages from strangers which can be rather awkward and uncomfortable. At the same time, it is always a way more pleasant to get even a short message dedicated specifically to you rather than depersonalised massive congratulations.

It is even more important to deliver your wishes dedicated to some private events especially when it comes to the ones which still remain a secret to other people. You cannot know whether a person wants others to learn about some important news from your post with wishes.

Do not make wishes for all the people on your friend list

Some people are not aware of the fact there is no obligation to congratulate all of the people who can be found on their friend list. of course, if the list is pretty short and includes only real friends, it is a different situation, however, something like this happens extremely rarely. Most of the times, the majority of people on a friend list are strangers.

Do not waste your time writing short messages out of politeness to the people who absolutely do not expect them and do not need them. The etiquette of the digital world does not have such a rule.

Congratulate people only on the events they are really celebrating

It is also extremely crucial to make sure a person actually celebrates the holiday on which you would like to congratulate him or her. Sometimes your assumptions of the importance of a particular day for this person might be wrong.

If this person does not celebrate a particular holiday just because he or she has never had such a tradition at home and has not developed it is not thus serious as the cases in which people neglect some dates deliberately. Then, it might happen that you can even offend a person with your wishes. This is particularly true for religious celebrations and holidays related to military forces.