Enjoy your time trip with these legendary games for PlayStation

In case you are somewhat tired of the immersive technologies an innovations offered by the most state-of-the-art games created for game consoles nowadays, you have a great chance to enjoy some nostalgic titles released in the 1990s and the beginning of the 2000s. Fortunately, a great number of games created for PlayStation during that time can still be played, so you certainly should use such a fantastic opportunity for reminding yourself of your favourite games or for the exploration of that significant epoch of the video game development.

Your favourite platformer

Crash Bandicoot does not need to be introduced even if you have never played this game. This is still played by many gamers and there is nothing strange about it as it is very creative and enjoyable with its imaginative world and creative soundtracks.

Crash Bandicoot has been entertaining generations of players since 1996 when it was developed by the Naughty Dog studio and released by Sony Entertainment System.

Your favourite racing simulators

The epoch of game development we are highlighting in this article was particularly rich in various racing simulators. There are great games suiting any preferences.

In case you are a fan of classic vehicles, you will have a great time playing Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed with its amazing collection of Porsche vehicles of various time periods. This game is filled with surprising elements available for unlocking once you progress playing it.

If you prefer races held off-road, you will certainly enjoy playing the third part of Test Drive: Off-road. Actually, this one was the first racing simulator for PlayStation using the unlockable items.

Do not forget about Colin McRae Rally which is one of the most realistic racing simulators of that time. First of all, it gave the players an experience of changing weather which created diverse conditions on the road making it particularly exciting to play. Secondly, it used the mechanics of racing against time instead of competing against other players. On top of that the game required extra attention for keeping a track of directions of the way on the track.

The most loved action games

Needless to say, action games have always been loved by players. There is a whole variety of such classic games played on PlayStation.

One of the most notable games of the genre was Driver which presented a mixture of an action game and elements of car racing games. Actually, the genre and mechanics of this legendary Play Station game is close to Grand Theft Auto 2 and it was the major rival of this favourite game of the generations of players.

There was also a wide choice of games based on the adventures of the heroes of comics and TV shows which the devotees of such a genre of art still love. Undeniably, Spiderman 2 Enter Electro with its beat’em up mechanics, X-men: Mutant Academy 2 with advanced fighting functions as well as The Power Rangers: Time Force based on the TV show are among the top titles you should check if you feel nostalgic about older PlayStation games.