Become the pro level computer user, not just a user

So, what is up with the headline for this article? Yes, something that will make you invariably the advanced computer user, be it Windows, macOS, Linux or any other operating system. Something that will let you talk directly to the core of your system rather than agents like GUI (Graphical User Interface) typically like the ones Windows, macOs, Ubuntu rely on. This can be reached via a command line.

Why should you know how to use a command line?

Now, lot of people has a tendency to flinch here, getting reluctant until they fully discovered the maximum potential here. This is truer if you are a professional tech, software developer, computer engineer and this is even crucial for you then. Even if you are a regular user, you can do magic with it without having to navigate to the core of your system via GUI. Know that most the serious and heavy work which is done in such an operating system like Linux, which hackers uses a lot, relies on command line.

So what are the benefits of using a command-line-interface (CLI) rather than a GUI? Isn’t GUI more convenient and friendlier? Certainly. For most of the general purpose computing your friendly GUI is good enough to give you a ride in and out. Yet, there are scenarios, where GUI will exhaust you and make you frustrated way sooner. Let’s look at some of the benefits of using a command line terminal here.

The things you can do with command-line-interface

For number one, if you are a tech, developer, regular user geek, who gets to work with computer a lot, working with such tasks as troubleshooting, maintenance, development environment, geeky thirsts etc. you can do things with command line at lightning speed than GUI interface in such scenarios.

For number two, a command line interface relies on very little power consumption, this is why you can run this one in a scenario where you really don’t need a full-fledged operating system with vast programmes running and consuming power.

Number three is the fact using a command line, you can easily add your very own text command to the scripts, which in turn let your system do complex task automation that you have to otherwise do in a complete different and time consuming way.

So, if you are pursing computer science, learning software development, web development, cyber security, preparing to break into the tech industry, learning the essentials of command line tool will make a huge difference to your resume, skill and getting that job faster than the one who does not possess such skill yet.