Common mistakes Internet users are making

The Internet is an amazing technology, however, it can be rather dangerous and you will hardly meet a person today who is not aware of this fact. Even though it is absolutely obvious that Internet users should be very careful about using this network, there are still many mistakes people are repeating over and over again risking unnecessarily and inevitably getting into various unpleasant situations.

This article will remind you of the things which are considered should be avoided while you are using the Internet, so that you will take good care of your own safety.

Having the same password for all of your accounts

There are no doubts you are aware of the fact it is a rather bad idea to use the same password for each and every account you have as the chances of losing it as well as your personal information are skyrocketing with such an approach.

Still, it is quite possible you might still be using the same password at least with a couple of your accounts and not necessarily all of them. It is highly recommended to check you passwords and update them properly creating quite complex patterns.

Having a single email box for everything

Many people who started using the Internet a long time ago, created a single mail address and are still using this single address for all of the purposes. To many people, it seems sufficient and even convenient, however, it is a rather bad practice which might get you into trouble.

The reason why such an approach is regarded as poor is the higher chances of losing your person information and getting attacked by scammers. Just like it is with the practice of having the same password for all accounts, you will actually have the same mail for all of your accounts which is increasing the probability of losing the personal information.

Of course, having a great variety of mail boxes can also be rather difficult to manage and does not seem necessary. What is certain is that it will be a great idea to have a separate mail box for all of your financial actions which will be used for dealing with banking apps and services. It will also be convenient for you to have a separate mail address for various social network accounts. The same account can be conveniently used for online shopping. In addition to it, you can create one more email address exactly for the purposes of communication with others whether it is for friends or some other people.

In any case, you will also find such an approach more convenient as it will allow you to navigate through your messages more smoothly, especially if at some point your mail box gets overwhelmed with the amount of spam. You can even delete such accounts and create new without regretting losing any essential information.

Using public networks

How many times were you in a situation when a public Wi-Fi networks turned out to be very handy as you yourself did not have access to your mobile Internet? Indeed, such networks can sometimes be absolutely life-saving.

Still, it is advised not to use such networks at all. Unfortunately, there are several risks coming with them.

The first one is a possibility of using a fake network in the first place. In public locations, it is rather simple to get into a network which is actually not the real network belonging to the organisation of the public spot. Instead it belongs to a scammer who is providing the visitors with a fake network waiting for them to take some actions which will allow him or her to steal some personal information.

Another probability are attacks which are made through a real network which can also happen. In order to prevent such risky situations, you should remember about the crucial rules regarding the usage of public networks.

The very first thing you can do is really refrain from using any public Wi-Fi which is not providing you with any information or logging window. This itself should appear as rather suspicious to you.

Another thing which you can do is not using any public networks for visiting any of your accounts which will require entering passwords. Do not visit the accounts you are using for banking or for storing some personal information. It is also highly recommended to refrain from making any purchases while using such networks.

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  1. What about public network provided by government? More, and more places have a wifi free zones which I wonder if are safe?

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