The facts about smartphones you might not be aware of

Even though a smartphone is one of the most frequently used gadgets nowadays, there are many things you might not know about it. This article will help you to explore the facts about smartphones which might seem controversial and help you to understand the truth. This might be helpful for using these gadgets in your daily life more successfully.

There is no purpose in installing optimisers and cleaners for your system

If you are a user of a smartphone, especially working on the Android system, you can find a variety of apps which have been created for these devices with the view to optimising their system. Needless to say, it seems to be a great idea to install one of such apps on your smartphone and boost its productivity.

In the reality, there is no sense in choosing such apps at all. On the one hand, there is no external tool which can make the system of your smartphone work more efficiently than the productivity which comes naturally with the design of this device created by its manufacturer. In addition to it, such apps are highly energy-consuming which can cause an adverse effect. Finally, some of them might interfere into the system trying to close the processes occurring in the system naturally and the system of your phone will be trying to restart them over and over again which will only drain your phone out of energy rather quickly.

Closing the apps working in the background will not change the productivity of the device

In all likelihood, you know many users of smartphones who are very careful about the apps running in the background. It is quite possible you yourself are one of such people. There is nothing strange about it since it appears absolutely logical that apps working in the background might require the memory of your phone and will also consume its energy. For that reason, even those users who normally do not pay any attention to the currently run programmes, close all of them once the battery of their phone starts dying.

There is nothing bad in such an action, however, according to the developers of both Google and Apple, there is no sense to do anything such. The reason for it is the act the windows which can be seen in the mode of tasks presentation are not the programmes themselves. What you can see there is the history of the apps you have been using on your device.

Smartphones are not dangerous for the human bodies

Of course, it is not surprising that the very first mobile phones triggered panic in many people. This was a brand-new form of a device releasing electromagnetic waves which was seen as potentially harming for the human bodies. There were many theories of the possible outcome for the health of individuals starting with mental problems, brain injuries up to various forms of cancer.

It is certainly great that many scientists were careful about the innovative gadgets and conducted a lot of experiments. the results of these experiments are now know and, according to them, there is no harm in using either mobile phones or smartphones.

The major subject of the examinations was the electromagnetic frequency created by smartphones and it was proved the frequency is of no harm to people. Moreover, the transformation of the energy generated of such devices into microwaves can hardly increase the temperature of an egg to the level of the normal temperature of a human body.

The magnetic field created by smartphones is too weak to damage bankcards

While some people are not even aware of the fact a smartphone have a magnetic field which can interfere with their bankcard, others are very serious about this feature of the device and avoid keeping their phones together with bankcards. What these people are exactly afraid of is the possibility of the field to remove the information stored on the microchip of their bankcard which will make it useless.

According to experts, the reality of smartphones is not thus impressive. They do create a magnetic field however, it is extremely weak and cannot damage any information stored on your bankcard. At the same time, a magnet of a wallet can be powerful enough to do so.

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  1. So slosing the apps working in the background will not change the productivity of the device, but I believe it will save battery life? Apps running in the background are using energy.

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