How can you set your developer environment for coding in HTML?

If you are looking for the ways to setup our first developer environment, this article will be of a great use for you. Check it and do not waste your time, start learning and practising to code as soon as possible!

What are the requirements for starting creating your first codes?

To start off, as a web developer, you do not really need crazy high client PCs. A simple low-end PC is suffice enough to begin coding. Be it a desktop computer or a laptop, does not matter.

The next thing you need is a stable Internet connection. For coding itself you will need a code editor. You can find numerous code editors on the market, for example, Sublime Text, Notepadd++, VS Code and many others. You can pick any of your choice, however, in this article you will find a setup for the environment in VS Code as this one has an integrated development environment which is a fountain of youth for developers. Let’s keep it as simple and tech jargon free as possible assuming you are just getting started.

What is a code editor and how can you get it?

A code editor is a piece of executable software running on your system where you will be able to write and debug code. Executable software is to say, you can run the piece of application on system. Debug is a fancy tech term to look for flaws in your application that you write via such code editors.

Go ahead and visit Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code page and download it or simply type Visual Studio Code inside one of your favourite search engines, Google, for instance. Then, look for the right downloadable link.

Pick the appropriate version of a code editor

Take these three things under careful consideration while downloading this software. First of all, you need to download the right system architecture file that suits your PC’s system architecture. That is to say, if your PC uses Windows 64-bit version, go ahead and download VScode for 64-bit Windows version. If your Windows system architecture is 32-bit windows, you need to download the 84-bit windows version. 32-bit is x84 and 64-bit version is x64 is just the result of the decision of Microsoft. A quick and easy way to see the details of your system on Windows is typing “System information” inside the search bar and looking up for ‘system type’. There you will see the version of the system you are using.

Another major factor to take into consideration of determining your OS. OS is just abbreviation for Operating System. There are usually Windows or Linux-based versions of code editors or Apple-based and Mac operating systems. You need to pick the right piece of VS Code for this.

Installing your code editor

Then, once you are done, go ahead click on and install the VS Code studio on the system, leaving the checks to the recommended or default settings for the time being. Once you are done, go ahead and open the Visual Studio Code editor. If you did not check the desktop icon to have a desktop icon while the installation process, no worries. Just go ahead and type Visual Studio Code in the Windows search bar and you will be able to open the programme.

Once you open it, you may find it too overwhelming. Just take breath, relax and know you got this. Before you click everything, just take a look at the whole user interface and kind of get familiar with the user interface. Try to guess, which might be a function of any button you can see. This little things can help you in long run than the most.